Product HQ

The Notion dashboard that helps you ideate, source, and order your product

Product HQ

Are you a maker, innovator or entrepreneur
looking to import a product to sell?

The product journey is complicated.

  • Are you spending hours researching across blogs and youtube videos on how to source a product?

  • Are your quotes, contracts and conversations scattered?

  • Not sure where to even start your journey of importing a product?

  • Overwhelmed by the volume of tasks?

  • Struggling to find a reliable supplier?

Let Product HQ guide your journey.

We (Hugh 👋 + Harry 👋) built Product HQ to solve these issues as we faced exactly the same problem when sourcing our own products.

Product HQ will help you come up with ideas for your next product, navigate sourcing suppliers, and help you organize logistics around negotiations, contracting, ordering, and shipping your product to the end destination.

Product HQ can be leveraged across for all entry points across the product lifecycle

💻 From indie hacker

  • Launching a shopify store

  • Starting with Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

  • Building a kickstart

  • Sourcing a product for your local market

  • Learn to start a product-based business

🏢 To corporation

  • Solving supply chain issues for your large corporation

  • Establishing supplier relations

  • Launching a new line of business

  • Research and development

  • Supplier CRM

"been looking for something like this for ages! As a small business owner this was the perfect tool to help me source suppliers for my merch 🤩 The supplier scripts are such a win for me! thanks Hugh & Harry 🙏 🙏".

Jade - Product HQ user -

Product HQ - Notion dashboard to ideate, source, and order your product | Product Hunt

"It's refreshing to see someone working and building stuffs for consumer startups. Having launched 5 consumer products in the past, I bet this tool can save 100s of hours and streamline the makers' workflow"

Mukilanvelan - Product HQ user

"Wow, wish I had this when I was just starting out! This is SUPER helpful when it comes to sourcing and practically walks you through the entire process. Love that it also keeps everything super organized. Will be putting this to use!"

Sofia - Product HQ user - Saffire Jewellery

What is included in Product HQ?

An operating system to bring your product to life

Product HQ breaks the journey of ideating, sourcing, and ordering your product down into:

  • 3 stages

  • 12 sections

  • 40 sub-sections.

Stage 1 - Ideate

From no idea to a market validated product:

  • Frameworks to establish your ideas

  • Guidelines to develop a prototype

  • Resources to setup your business

Stage 2 - Source

From an overwhelming marketplace to qualified suppliers

  • Breakdown of the marketplaces to source your product

  • Scripts for contacting suppliers

  • Framework for qualifying suppliers

  • Supplier CRM

  • Walkthrough for shipping logistics

  • Best practices for receiving samples

Stage 3 - Order

From a sample product to a bulk shipment at your door

  • Frameworks for negotiation

  • Resources to navigate international shipping

  • Templates for contracts and purchase agreements

  • Guidelines for settling payments

  • Best practices for receiving a bulk order


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Does this work with a free Notion account?

Yes! Just copy the template we send upon purchase into your Notion account and you’re good to go! Product HQ works with the free version/plan of Notion. We provide instructions and a video walkthrough on how to do this inside the dashboard.

What if i've never used Notion before?

Don't worry! We provide a whole section inside Product HQ that details how to use the dashboard, the best features of Notion and ways you can make the most out of Product HQ.

Why are we qualified to make this?

We love building ecommerce products! We have spent the past 5 years building companies centred on products. We have spent time visiting factories in China throughout cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Yiwu to better understand the operations of supply chains. We personally use this dashboard when launching a new product and hope you find value in it too.

What about Product HQ updates?

Any updates we make to Product HQ you will receive for free! You will have to copy any updates into your existing Product HQ dashboard but we will provide instructions on how to do this and ensure it is seamless.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer free refunds at any time just send us an email if you're not happy with the dashboard and we will provide a full refund no questions asked!

Is this licensed?

This product is licensed for individual use only. If you are planning to use amongst a team or organisation get in touch and we can organise a discounted price.

Who is Product HQ for?

This is for builders, innovators and entrepreneurs! Whether you are launching your next set of merch, building the next big invention, or looking to launch a side project, Product HQ can assist you!

Product HQ serves as not only a guide with all the resources you need to be successful in your product journey but also provides an actionable dashboard that will keep you accountable! Product HQ will help you come up with ideas for your next product, navigate sourcing suppliers and help you organise logistics around negotiations, contracting, ordering and shipping your product to the end destination.

Who is Product HQ not for?

This is not a get rich quick scheme. We build for long term success. Don't buy this dashboard and expect to be turning a six-figure company overnight. It is going to take a lot of work.

Product HQ is strictly for the journey of ideating to receiving the product. Whilst we do offer some resources and advice on the marketing, finance and operational pillars of your business (primarily ecommerce) this is outside the scope of the dashboard.

Start your product journey today 👇

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